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SATOR Square


This SATOR Square has a lot of surprises in store for us. As we have seen that it is indeed a Latin Christian inscription, it also gives us a clue, even a wise advice, in the field of prayer and adoration to God.

Thus this inscription speaks to us, as God speaks to us... Who wants us to respond to him as well.

But how can we speak to God, how can we address him in prayer, since he is the Trinity? and how can we praise him if he is composed of three Persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? to whom then of the three can we address, to whom then of the three can we glorify?

This SATOR Square gives us a clear answer on this subject, in accordance besides with the message of the Bible.


Let us briefly recall the three levels of reading that can be found in this inscription:

   1) The reading at the first level of the inscription is its reading proper, without modification of the order of the letters, following the lines, one after the other, from the first word: SATOR, the sower.

   2) On the other hand, the reading PATER NOSTER, our Father, is, so to speak, the reading in the second degree: taking the letters out of their order and reassembling them so that they have a meaning and necessarily a new meaning.

   3) Finally, the reading at the third degree, that is to say, this time taking the letters here and there, we       discover this new reading, the ASTRO reading, the star, the constellation.

Thus, we find three reading modes: SATOR, PATER NOSTER and ASTRO readings in a single entry. Thus we find the very essence of our Triune God, who is three in one! This is why the SATOR Square has been represented as a cube in the presentation photo of the article: three spatial dimensions (length, width and depth) for a single object. We had also discovered that the three letters of the inscription (E-N-E) have to be doubled to be able to read and interpret the text of its message correctly.

That the SATOR Square therefore wishes to give us advice on prayer and adoration to the Triune God is obvious, since the PATER NOSTER reading is precisely that of the prayer that Jesus taught to us.

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